Posted in private whisper by froulenhilda on April 10, 2009

It’s been a while ago since I wrote my last post. 4 months I guess? Well, I feel a little bit trauma because my future mother-in-law read what I wrote on my latest post, and my fianc├ę felt that I shouldn’t wrote that to public, since I was too pissed, I let the whole world knows.

Anyway, there’s a lot things happens during this 4 months, my laptop, which is my life, is broke down, I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with it, because everytime I turn it on, it shows a folder with a question mark on it. All of my things were in there, so basically I’m fucked.

I started my diet, but I don’t know if it’s gonna work, but I should make it work. It will work.

Today is the election date, I voted. Go Democrats!

And finally, I found a way to blogging on my beloved blackberry, and I’m using it now to write this post.

And now, my stomach’s growling, dang, gotta go to the washroom


Just Got It Recently…

Posted in private whisper by froulenhilda on October 7, 2008

These are the things I just bought or got recently.. Just post it because I got nothing to do..

iPod from my beloved hubby, got it from Future Shop, Merivale.. I love it so much. I liked the black better, but the black is only for 16gb, while I was looking for 4gb iPod only. *sigh*

Guess pumps. It looks great, feels great. It’s a woman-must-have shoes. Bought it for only $59 @ Winners, South Keys, which supposed to be like $100 shoes. Happy that I found something good for less than it should be. :-p

my future winter boots. Bought it from Payless, Merivale. I like’em from the very first time I saw these boots. Look and felt comfy.

Nice boots, love’em. Bought it from Roviky Shoes, Bank Street. They are quite expensive, cost me about $100.. ­čśŽ

This Week Story…

Posted in private whisper by froulenhilda on October 2, 2008

Minggu ini, adalah minggu yang lumayan melelahkan. Tugas-tugas yang harus diselesaikan, dan ternyata selesai semua (akhirnyaaa) dan minggu ini adalah minggu yang spesial, karena akhirnya dalam 1 minggu, gw masuk kuliah terus.. Horee.. I have to celebrate it tomorrow, soalnya besok adalah hari terakhir dalam minggu ini.

Setelah beberapa lama tinggal disini, gw merasakan ada perubahan, walaupun masih sedikit. Yaitu, gue mau cuci piring. Horee.. itu hal yang ga pernah gw lakuin di Indonesia, ya karena di Indo kan pake pembantu, sedangkan disini enggak, semua-semuanya harus sendiri. Bagus kalo gitu. Gw juga sedikit demi sedikit belajar ngatur waktu. Walaupun belum bisa tepat terus, but I’m busting my ass try. Enak ya ternyata kuliah. Baru ngerasain. Hehehe.

Besok ada tugas typography, mudah, tinggal tracing aja, abis ini gw bikin. Photography, udah kelar, tinggal diedit-edit dikit, trus kirim deh. Hore. Hore.

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